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How Africa Eats.....

I recently returned from a trip to East Africa where I witnessed some of the strongest, healthiest people on Earth living in a very simple manner. Their days consist of working in their gardens and fields, completing all harvests by hand, or herding their cattle or goats, walking all day long. They are raised learning how to balance very heavy baskets on their heads while walking long distances. The food they eat is all local, homegrown, mostly vegetarian (or at least raised and harvested by them) ...... and delicious!

An example of many meals I ate there appears here. They consist primarily of locally-grown potatoes, yams, various squashes, beans such as the beautiful red rana bean pictured, plantains, corn, rice and mouth-watering tropical fruits such as papaya, mango, passionfruit, tomato tree fruit and various types of bananas.

We could all learn something from these hearty people, and I would love to discuss with you how their simple lifestyle could be translated into a lifestyle for you to promote optimal health and well-being.

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